Our Testimonials

          Thank you for using our website!

          Since started this website, I have encountered many difficulties and disapproval. Many people think it is unnecessary, and even said “If you don’t see it, just raise another one” or “There is no need to waste time doing meaningless things. You should do a profitable business.” But my team and I have insisted: pets are like our children. Since we raise them, we should take care of them, whether it is physical or spiritual. It is not meaningless to make this website. On the contrary, for pet owners, it is very needed and urgent. People who truly love their pets don’t want to suffer the pain of losing their pets.

          It makes no sense to don’t do anything! It makes sense only to do it! We just want to let the pets grow up happily and live a peaceful life. So this website is to help pet owners protect their pets, create a safer environment for the little cuties.

          Perhaps you are a pet owner, a veterinarian, rescue team or animal shelter, you can share some cases or your views on this website with us. We sincerely hope to hear from you. Even if your letter is displayed, your name and organization name will not be published. Our email is: service@isenvo.com