1. Our History


            Every year nearly 2 million pets are lost in the world, and one pet is displaced every 2 seconds. Some are taken in by pet rescue stations, some are adopted, and some continue to wander until die. Therefore, it is the duty of pet owners to prevent pets from being lost.

            This website was created because of the family environment influence and the feelings of helping animals. When I was a child, I saw cats and dogs wandering outside, I was very worried about them. I'm afraid that traffickers will catch them, that they can't find food, and that the weather is too cold. When I was studying, a few loving classmates and I would use some pocket money to buy food and feed them at a fixed location. Since I have income, I have a dog and once almost lost it. Since then I have been thinking: If there is a way to help the owner find the pets, can it change the fate of them? So after communicating and discussing with my partners, I decided to build a website to manage the chip data more uniformly and effectively. The pet owners can find them when accidentally lost.

            On the market, most pet databases either have data out of sync, only the matching database can be used with that chip, or the information is incomplete and easy to leak.

            Compared with the traditional way of searching pets and other pet databases, our website is the best and most reliable. As long as the pet has implanted any brand chip, it can register the chip and the owner information in the database of our website without any cost. The pet owner's information is strictly guaranteed and will not be sold to any third-party.

            Although there will be a lot of difficulties and disapproval in making this website, my team will never change our original intention. We will stick to it so that the lovely animals have a warm zone belongs to them.